4 Gadgets That Instantly Upgrade Your Travel Experience

Travelers are always researching the latest and greatest gadgets to make their time away from home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It can be inconvenient if the new gadget doesn’t work out as expected when you are away from home and can’t repair or replace it. We have compiled a list of our favorite gadgets that will not only uphold during your travels, they will immediately improve them as well.

1.    Sterilizer Pen:  Drinking water in uncertain locations can be a daring task, unless you have a SteriPen. The UV light from this tiny device will transform your water from questionable to safe in mere seconds.

Sterilizer Pen

2.    X-Mini Portable Speaker: This isn’t your typical awkwardly sized travel speaker. It is roughly the size of your thumb, holds a charge for up to six-hours from a regular USB port and can be easily carried on your keychain.

X-Mini Portable Speaker

3.    Skyview Travel Tray Mount: No in-flight entertainment? That’s ok! This device easily mounts your tablet/e-reader/smartphone on to the back of the seat in front you for easy viewing throughout the flight.

Skyview Travel Tray Mount

4.    Iphone Telephoto Lens: The beauty of a smartphone is that we can essentially pack all necessary aspects of our lives into one, tiny device that we carry with us at all times. Connect this lens to your phone and you can spice up your candids with sharper resolution, allowing you to leave behind your camera.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

What is your favorite travel gadget?