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A ATG Solution: Managing T&E Fraud

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A recent report by ACL shows that the biggest concern among audit, risk management and compliance professionals is the risk of travel and entertainment fraud – for good reason. Surveys reveal that nearly one in every five T&E expenses is out of policy. ATG’s travel technologies prevent out-of-policy purchases before they occur while simultaneously communicating corporate policy (including updates) to all travelers. Robust business rules and agent scripts combine with pre-trip approvals to ensure consistent travel policy enforcement – and savings for your organization.

Travel Compliance Professional Concerns

ATG Tammy Krings Named Delta Award Winner

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[December 10, 2014 l New Albany, Ohio] – Tammy Krings, ATG’s CEO and Leadership Coach, has received the prestigious “Outstanding Business Leader Award” from the New Albany Chamber of Commerce.

The Delta Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and have proven themselves a leader who fosters collaboration and engages support for projects that create opportunity and prosperity in the New Albany community.

“The Delta Award symbolize the Chamber’s collective work in economic resilience, leadership creation and community strength,” said Cherie Nelson, Executive Director of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce, “We are pleased to present this award to Tammy who clearly demonstrates integrity, embraces innovation and recognizes the contributions of others to the overall success and incredible global growth of ATG.”"It is truly an honor to receive this Delta Award and I share it with my entire team at ATG,” said Krings. “New Albany’s collaborative spirit and synergy make it the perfect home for our global travel management offerings.”

Craig Fullen, President of The Fullen Law Group, presents Tammy Krings with the Delta Award for Outstanding Business Leader

Craig Fullen, President of The Fullen Law Group, presents Tammy Krings with the Delta Award for Outstanding Business Leader

Other Delta Award winners included: David Abraham, president and CEO of Accel; Diane Ellis, CEO of Limited Stores and Steve Steinour, CEO and president of Huntington National Bank

A Carol for the Unsung Heroes of Airline Travel

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Santa at Airport


Whether you’re flying around the globe for business or across the country on your own family vacation, air travel during the holidays is frustrating to any seasoned road warrior. The airports are full of people that seem to be going everywhere – and no one seems to know the rules!

Relax. Breathe. The travel pros at ATG will get you there even if you get stuck behind that family of 6 with luggage for 30 on their way to Disney. Get yourself in the holiday spirit, and check out this great article by travel author and columnist Christopher Elliott (@Elliottdotorg) featured here in USA Today.  Elliott takes a look at some of the exceptional things that front line travel pros do to make your trip – and everyone else’s – a little less stressful and a little more memorable.

Happy holidays!

5 Model Travel Companions, Are You One of Them?

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We often hear of the person or group that makes airplane travel miserable. While people often report the negative, we have found there are some people who grace our flights that simply make traveling easier. We put together a list of five types of people who make traveling more enjoyable for everyone. Let’s take a moment to recognize them; maybe it’s you!

airplane interior - people sitting on seats

1.    The patriotic passenger

A small act of generosity goes a long way in saying “thank you”. It is always refreshing to see a passenger offer their first class seat to returning military personnel so that they may have nice ride home after serving our country. We salute this first class act.

2.    Entertaining flight attendants

The pre-flight safety review is a requirement for all airlines. For frequent fliers, the speech can become mundane. It is always a pleasure when flight attendants spice up the speech with a stand-up comedy routine or musical rendition. Not only does the act lighten the mood and calm nerves, it ensures that all passengers are paying attention to the critical safety information provided.

3.    The sympathetic stranger

Seat assignments can sometimes be luck of the draw, especially if other passengers have requested specific seats. This can lead to families or couples being separated on the flight. Kudos to you, the sympathetic stranger, who gives up their seat (especially their window or aisle seat) to keep these traveling companions together.

4.    The tall traveler

Storing carry-on luggage in the overhead bins is great for providing additional legroom. However, storing the bags pre-flight and getting them down post-flight can be tricky, especially for those more vertically challenged than others. A huge thank you to the kind, taller passengers, who graciously assist in storing and retrieving the bags stored overhead. You have saved many headaches- literally and figuratively!

5.    Organized pros

Going through security is a necessity than can sometimes put a small wrinkle in your timeline. The organized, professional travelers help speed up the process while modeling how to breeze through security for the less experienced traveler. They already have their shoes and belts off, their laptops in the bins, all metals removed, their liquids in a quart-sized Ziploc bag, and their boarding passes in hand, ready for inspection in seconds.

Which type of travel companion has made your flight more enjoyable? Give them a shout out in our comments section to let them know they are appreciated!

4 Gadgets That Instantly Upgrade Your Travel Experience

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Travelers are always researching the latest and greatest gadgets to make their time away from home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It can be inconvenient if the new gadget doesn’t work out as expected when you are away from home and can’t repair or replace it. We have compiled a list of our favorite gadgets that will not only uphold during your travels, they will immediately improve them as well.

1.    Sterilizer Pen:  Drinking water in uncertain locations can be a daring task, unless you have a SteriPen. The UV light from this tiny device will transform your water from questionable to safe in mere seconds.

Sterilizer Pen

2.    X-Mini Portable Speaker: This isn’t your typical awkwardly sized travel speaker. It is roughly the size of your thumb, holds a charge for up to six-hours from a regular USB port and can be easily carried on your keychain.

X-Mini Portable Speaker

3.    Skyview Travel Tray Mount: No in-flight entertainment? That’s ok! This device easily mounts your tablet/e-reader/smartphone on to the back of the seat in front you for easy viewing throughout the flight.

Skyview Travel Tray Mount

4.    Iphone Telephoto Lens: The beauty of a smartphone is that we can essentially pack all necessary aspects of our lives into one, tiny device that we carry with us at all times. Connect this lens to your phone and you can spice up your candids with sharper resolution, allowing you to leave behind your camera.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

What is your favorite travel gadget?

The Benefits of Air Transport

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The benefits of air transportation can be traced as far back as the Wright Brothers, but this infographic shares some of the most popular ones of today.


Breeze Through the Airport with These Tips

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Sometimes getting through the airport can turn an otherwise pleasant trip into a less than desirable experience.  With long check-ins, unpredictable security lines, and navigating unfamiliar airports, saving a few minutes can eliminate a great deal of stress. Here are a few business travel tips to speed up the process of getting from the office to your seat as quickly and painlessly as possible.


1. Sign up for TSA’s PreCheck. This trusted traveler program is available in over 40 airports and allows its members to speed through security by completing a simple pre-screening. For international travelers, the U.S. Customs Department offers a similar service with their Global Entry program.

2. Check in online. If you are not checking bags, this step can save you a heap of time avoiding unnecessary lines. If you can’t or forgot to check in online, head to the kiosk when you arrive at the airport in lieu of checking it at the gate.

3. Plan your parking strategy before you leave. Review the parking lots online before you leave for the airport to cut down on the confusion of finding a place to leave your car.

4. If possible, pack a carry-on only. Not having to check a bag saves time on both ends at the airport.

5. Prepare your documents. Make sure you have all of the required documentation in an easily accessible place before you leave for the airport.

6. Dress appropriately and know the drill. Keep your ID and boarding pass on you but put all other items (wallet, phone, etc…) in your carry-on bag to prevent you from emptying pockets and going through the metal detector multiple times. Also, follow the signage and be attentive so that you know what, how and when to take certain items off and put them back on.

7. Pick your seat wisely. The closer your seat is to the front of the plane, the faster you will get through the airport at the end of the flight.

What To Eat When Traveling

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If you’re like us, one of the best things about global business travel is trying the various foods from around the world. We thought we’d share some of our favorites that we’ve enjoyed from our travels.


Garbage Plate – Rochester, New York

Poutine – Canada

Chili – Cincinnati

Whoopee Pies – Maine

Feijoada – Brazil

Congrio – Chile

Rosti – Switzerland

Moules-Frites – Belgium

Biltong – South Africa

Dose – Southern India

Xiaolongbao – China

French Toast – Hong Kong

Pie Floater – Australia

Weekend Getaways: Tailgate Edition

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It is officially football season, which means the roadways and airways will be full of excited travelers headed off to cities far and near to cheer on their favorite team. Football and tailgating go hand in hand; however, tailgating these days isn’t just coolers of drinks and overcooked hamburgers. Today, tailgating is an art form combining local food and drink, stunning views, and friendly locals. Whether you have a favorite team you are looking to follow or need inspiration for your next weekend escape, we have compiled a list of the top cities to visit for a memorable and enriching tailgate getaway.

Tailgating before the Ohio State football game

1.    Lexington, KY

True, UK is known for their basketball team, but this is SEC territory which means Saturdays are devoted to football. Add some spice to your tailgate on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail by sipping bourbon cocktails and dining on some Kentucky Burgoo. This local tradition consists of smoked chicken, beef and port with local veggies and cornmeal to thicken the soup. Take some time to explore the sights and wonders of the trail for the remainder of your trip.

2.    Boulder, CO

Offering over 20 craft breweries and “an everything local” food attitude, coupled with the unbelievable backdrop of the Flatirons behind Folsom field, this tailgate is sure to be one to remember. Cheer for CU on Saturday and then enjoy the Rocky Mountains all weekend-long. 

3.    Columbus, OH

Ohio State’s stadium, the Horseshoe, is recognized as one of the best college stadiums in the country and the city itself has been dubbed a “foodie’s paradise”. After the game visit the historic Short North Arts district or take a hike in one of the many metro parks to enjoy the vivid colors of the season.

4.    Madison, WI

Tailgating in Wisconsin takes on a backyard barbecue feel with the stadium’s unique neighborhood setup. Be sure to bring your appetite for anything cheese, as cheese reigns supreme in America’s Dairyland. Madison offers more artisans of craft cheese than anywhere outside of Vermont. With lakes surrounding the city, outdoor activities abound, making it an ideal destination to escape. 

5.    San Francisco, CA

Tailgating means different food and drinks for different parts of the country, and San Francisco has just about everyone covered. Wine from Napa Valley, artisan cheeses and even sushi can be found at these tailgates. Add in the sights and sounds that make San Francisco so desirable and you have a wonderful tailgate getaway.

Airlines Teach Passengers How to Survive a Crisis

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Airplane Emergency Exit

Securing carry-on baggage, reviewing the manual, making sure the tray is locked and the seat is in the upright position are all routine tasks performed by a frequent flier when preparing for their next takeoff. For many business travelers, a plane ride is as customary as a drive into the office. But what happens when the typical flight turns into a crisis? British Airways offers a course to prepare travelers for an emergency situation, should the need arise.

Originally offered to oil company workers flying to remote locations, the course has recently become available to other frequent fliers willing to travel to London and pay $265 for the half-day class. The course focuses on developing confidence and leadership in a crisis situation by providing hands-on crash preparation procedures that allow the student to lead other passengers, or at the very least, remain calm during a critical moment in-flight. The course is so life-like that those with medical conditions such as asthma, claustrophobia or heart conditions are warned ahead of time for potential complications.

Participants begin the course inside a Boeing 737 cabin simulator, rocking back and forth for taxiing before tilting up for takeoff. Theatrical smoke begins to fill the cabin as attendants shout “Brace. Brace. Brace.”

Along with evacuation techniques and other tips, students learn the key to survival: the proper brace position. Passengers should bend forward, keep their head down, place feet flat on the floor and slide them back with hands behind the head. This position is important since commercial airline seats are specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of bracing, boosting the planes crashworthiness to withstand impacts of up to 16Gs without buckling.

While the likelihood that the skills learned in this simulation will ever be put into action remains low, having a tool kit to fall back on should the situation present itself can certainly foster some confidence for any traveler.