Breeze Through the Airport with These Tips

Sometimes getting through the airport can turn an otherwise pleasant trip into a less than desirable experience.  With long check-ins, unpredictable security lines, and navigating unfamiliar airports, saving a few minutes can eliminate a great deal of stress. Here are a few business travel tips to speed up the process of getting from the office to your seat as quickly and painlessly as possible.


1. Sign up for TSA’s PreCheck. This trusted traveler program is available in over 40 airports and allows its members to speed through security by completing a simple pre-screening. For international travelers, the U.S. Customs Department offers a similar service with their Global Entry program.

2. Check in online. If you are not checking bags, this step can save you a heap of time avoiding unnecessary lines. If you can’t or forgot to check in online, head to the kiosk when you arrive at the airport in lieu of checking it at the gate.

3. Plan your parking strategy before you leave. Review the parking lots online before you leave for the airport to cut down on the confusion of finding a place to leave your car.

4. If possible, pack a carry-on only. Not having to check a bag saves time on both ends at the airport.

5. Prepare your documents. Make sure you have all of the required documentation in an easily accessible place before you leave for the airport.

6. Dress appropriately and know the drill. Keep your ID and boarding pass on you but put all other items (wallet, phone, etc…) in your carry-on bag to prevent you from emptying pockets and going through the metal detector multiple times. Also, follow the signage and be attentive so that you know what, how and when to take certain items off and put them back on.

7. Pick your seat wisely. The closer your seat is to the front of the plane, the faster you will get through the airport at the end of the flight.