Global Travel Vortal

At ATG, we are proud to offer the latest tools and technologies to our customers.  Our biggest way of doing so is through our Travel Vortal.

In the technology world, the term “portal” has evolved to define a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access, controls and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise are stand alone entities. The ATG Global Travel Portal is a Vortal; otherwise known as a vertical information portal.  The Vortal offers an entry point to each company’s unique travel program, providing news, links, multimedia applications and e-commerce capabilities.

Our Global Travel Vortal offers customers dozens of applications; creating one place where a traveler can go to do everything they need to do before, during and after their trip.  They can book travel, receive real-time, proactive flight and gate status updates, apply for a visa or passport, sign up for frequent flyer status or check their status, file their expense report, along with many other interactive tasks.  They are able to do this with a single username and password.

Our On-Demand Environment

  •  Single sign-on capability
  •  Over 20 applications for travelers and arrangers
  •  Over a dozen applications for travel administrators
  •  Suite of products for meetings & events
  • 18 languages currently supported

Why On-Demand Technology

  •  Seamless end-to-end solution
  •  Proven to increase adoption
  •  More intimate experience
  •  More intuitive
  •  Easier to integrate, faster, scalable

The End Game = High Level of Preferential Adoption